Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Magnotta Special Reserve Gewürztraminer 2006

Who made it: Magnotta Winery
What varietal(s): Gewürztraminer
Where: Niagara Peninsula, Ontario
Why drink it: It’s really good.
Extra, extra: $13, 13.7% (VQA, available from them, in person or online)
Serve slightly chilled (8- 10°C or 46-50°F)

This is a truly yummy Gewürztraminer. Very aromatic, flavourful and refreshing, it has aromas of tropical fruit, green apple, pear, citrus, and lychee.

Stainless steel fermented, it’s crisp with a nice, balanced acidity. It’s light-medium bodied and dry, but with a faint residual sweetness in the mouth.

Lemony gold in colour, it’s flavours echo it’s aromas, adding a bit of spice to the palette, with a crisp citrusy floral finish. It’s fresh, aromatic and just plain yummy.