Tuesday, March 14, 2006

La Frenz Alexandria

La Frenz Alexandria 2004
Naramata Bench (Okanagan)
(in private wine stores)

La Frenz is a one of the ever-growing number of wineries on the Naramata Bench. This small winery produces “premium” fruit-forward table wines that are relatively inexpensive, but taste far from cheap.

A refreshing, deceptively dessert-like white wine made from a mix of what's known as the oldest of grape varieties: Muscat. Muscat of Alexandria grapes are used in Sherry and they also turn up in table wines.

This is a delicious, very easy-to-drink wine with aromas and flavours of pale stone fruits, especially peaches and apricots. There’s also a hint of crisp apple. It’s a golden coloured, low acid, high sugar wine with a hint of effervescence on the tongue. This flavourful, smooth wine feels slightly thick and warm (even though it's served chilled) and tastes perfectly sweet (not sickly or overpowering). A really enjoyable wine on its own or with light foods (salad, rice, chicken). I love it. Highly recommended.