Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Hatfield’s Fuse 2005

Who made it: Blasted Church Vineyards
What varietal(s): 60% Optima, 23% Ehrenfelser, 9% Pinot Gris, 8% Riesling
Where: Okanagan Falls, BC
Why drink it: Because it’s tasty
Extra, extra: $16, 13.3%, screw cap, no oak

If the whimsical label doesn’t grab you, maybe the clean, fruity taste will. Blasted Church’s most popular wine is named in honour of Harley Hatfield who in 1929 lit the dynamite fuse that would blow up a church that needed to be dismantled and moved to Okanagan Falls.

I must admit, a few years ago I tried this wine just because I loved the label. Thank god, I liked the wine. Sometimes a creative, fun label is slapped on inferior wines. Not this time. I’ve enjoyed it ever since.

So, besides the cartoonish label by talented illustrator Monika Melnychuk, what can you expect? An enjoyable wine, with or without food, that’s well worth the $16 to $18 you’ll pay (available at private wine shops or through the winery).

Next time you’re in the Penticton area of the Okanagan, zip over to Okanagan Falls and check out their little winery and stock up on wines with standard varietal names or unusual, fun ones, like “the dam flood” or “blastphemy”.

Hatfield’s Fuse is an aromatic blend of four white varietals (Optima, Ehrenfelser, Pinot Gris and Riesling). This medium-bodied, slightly off-dry wine has honey, lemon/lime, tropical and floral aromas that let you know what your taste buds can expect. Clean, crisp acidity and fruity (citrus, melon, peach and pear) flavours go down smoothly. I highly recommend it. If you like wines with a bit lower acidity (medium), like Chardonnay, Viognier and Gewürztraminer, you may find the acidity a bit sharp, although refreshing.

Try it. Cheers!

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Anonymous Michelle K. said...

Hatfiel's Fuse is one of my faves too. The Revered Chardonnay also rocks. It's tropcial and full of yummy flavours. It doesn't have a cartoon label, but it's kinda cool, with scattering and falling (blasted?)letters. Tried it yet?

11:49 AM  

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