Friday, February 23, 2007

Laughing Stock Chardonnay 2004

Who made it: Laughing Stock Vineyards
What varietal(s): 95 % Chardonnay, 5 % Pinot Gris
Where: Naramata Bench (Okanagan Valley), BC
Why drink it: You like citrusy/buttery Chardonnays
Extra, Extra: $23, 13.5%, VQA, screw cap

This buttery Chardonnay is good, but I was expecting more thanks to the Laughing Stock hype and the price. It’s a pale golden colour, with floral, buttery, citrus (lemon), and faint earthy/vegetal (asparagus) aromas. It’s not overly fruity, with citrus being predominant, and a hint of peach, but it’s rich and creamy from Malolactic fermentation and it’s toasty from oak aging. It has a nice vanilla spice aftertaste. It’s not either the typical clean and crisp or the tropical chardonnay I’m used to, but it’s balanced and fairly easy to drink. This may grow on me. If you like citrusy/buttery Chardonnays, that are neither green apple crisp nor fully tropical with loads of peach and apricot flavours, then this may be the wine for you.

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