Thursday, October 26, 2006

A Zinfandel fit for marinating or sangria

Zunio Old Vines Zinfandel 2002
$13.99 for 750 ml

The bottle boasts “intensity of flavor and great character” and “abundant cherry, blackberry and plum fruit that is offset by notes of black pepper and spice,” but all I have to say is either they are very creative or my nose has failed me and my taste buds have finally died. I didn’t like it.

I found it super oaky with a sour taste. It was sharp, yet flat. It needed to mellow a lot, though that wouldn’t help much since there was little fruit. Basically, it was blah and of four of us doing a blind tasting it came in last out of four wines. Pass on this, because there are so many delicious, full-flavoured Cali Zins out there. Life is much to short to waste it drinking plonk. To be fair, I will try another year...someday. I'll let you know if my opinion changes. Every vintage has its differences. Maybe other years are better.


Anonymous Taylor said...

Ah hah! Marinate & sangria. 2 code words for it's not very good, huh. Now I'm in the know, so thanx.

3:02 PM  

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