Monday, July 31, 2006

A Tasty & Cheap French Viognier

Moillard Hugues Le Juste
Viognier 2004
Pays d’Oc
Southern France –Languedoc Region
Serve Chilled
$11.75 for 750 ml

I love this wine. It’s a great value and was one of the wines that got me hooked on Viogniers. Now, there’s always a bottle or two in my wine rack. It’s also a good Chardonnay substitute.

Named after a Cathar knight, this Viognier is lighter-bodied than some other typically full-bodied Viogniers, but it’s smooth, fresh and flavourful with a spicy, fruity lingering aftertaste.

Ageing in 10% oak gives this straw yellow wine a hint of vanilla aroma and flavour. It also has aromas of toasted oak, honey and sweet flowers (honeysuckle). It usually gives me a little pucker at first sip, as crisp green apple and citrus hit my tongue. I also taste apricot, peach and spices.

It’s great as an aperitif or with spicy dishes or light dishes such as seafood, chicken, pork and fruit. Enjoy this wine young because it’s ready to drink now. What are you waiting for?


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