Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Red Rooster Viognier 2005

Who made it: Red Rooster Winery
What varietal(s): Viognier
Where: Okanagan Valley (Naramata Bench)
Why drink it: It’s good and it’s local.
Extra, extra: $17, (available in private wine shops)
Serve slightly chilled.

Viognier is another of my favourite white varietals. Some great Viogniers came from Northern Rhône. For those who like to eat and drink locally, a few good ones come from the Okanagan Valley.

Red Rooster, one of the first and definitely the biggest winery you’ll come across while touring the Naramata Bench, makes some enjoyable whites.

Their 2005 Viognier has aromas of pineapple, tropical fruit, citrus and light florals. It’s light, dry and refreshing with a lot of flavour. Green apple, honey and hints of citrus and stone fruit hit your taste buds culminating in a crisp finish.

French Viogniers tend to have more spice, stone fruit and mineral flavours and more intense floral aromas, so in comparison, this was more subdued, but still enjoyable.