Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Joie Pinot Noir Rose

Joie Pinot Noir Rosé 2005
@ $20
Serve chilled.

I love the smell of this salmon-pink coloured wine. Fresh strawberries…mmm…and raspberries and cherries. It’s 90% Pinot Noir with a touch (10%) of Chardonnay, adding acidity and citrus aromas/flavours. It also has a faint cream soda taste and a nice, long finish. I’d say it’s between dry and off-dry and light-medium-bodied.

It’s fruity and flavourful, with a soft, silky texture. Stainless steel aging and pleasant acidity gives this wine a crisp, clean finish.

A wonderful Rosé to drink alone or with a variety of foods from salty (ham, smoked salmon) to seafood (crab, salmon) to roast chicken since the acidity will cut the salt and fat. It’s also good with quiche and mashed potatoes—they complement the wine’s smooth texture. Want something a little more delectable? Try it with a Terry’s Chocolate Orange—it’s surprisingly good and it brings out the wine’s acidity and the orange/citrus flavour. Try it. Experiment. Who knows what great food pairing you’ll come up with. Cheers!