Saturday, February 11, 2006

A Yummy French Wine

Red Bicyclette Syrah 2004
(an E & J Gallo label)
Southern France: Languedoc region
$16.99 CND

Recently, I tried a Syrah (aka Shiraz) from Red Bicyclette. I picked up the bottle mainly because I really liked the fun, colourful cartoon label depicting a Frenchman (beret and all) on a bicycle with a basket loaded up with baguettes. The dog is cute, too.

It’s a rich, dark red and smells like cassis, warm spices, pepper and berries. My friends and I all agreed that we love the rich, full, smooth taste. I tasted blackberry, cassis and dark fruit. I’m a sucker for most red wines that I can taste blackberries or raspberries, so from the first sip I was happy. It’s mildly oaky with smooth tannins and a peppery/spicy kick. This is a great wine to enjoy with company and very easy to drink. For $16.99 it tastes a whole lot pricier than it is. I’ve had it both on its own and with grilled tenderloin—either way, it was tasty. Go try it!

For more info, check out their website. Make sure you turn down your speaker volume or you’ll get the heart-clutching jolt that I got from the sounds of a barking dog and a bike’s ringing bell. This site is worth checking out, mainly for their colourful cartoon-like graphics.